York University, Fall 2008

My pockets felt thick. It was a strange feeling. I wasn’t used to carrying so much cash in my pocket. I walked along the pavement of the school commons looking for what I believed to be Jinx’s Acura. It was 7:30 and still no sign of him. What was taking this nigga so long? Perhaps having close to five grand on me made me a little nervous. Whatever. I needed to finish my last drop before the day’s end. I stood close to the road and watched as five cabs drove by within two minutes. What this a sign? Should I just say “fuck it” and hop in a wheelie?

“Na. Fuck that.” My thoughts were as clear as ever. My cell began to ring just as I finished my Wendy’s sandwich. I had really wanted to get some of that delicious pasta that they sold across from the library but I didn’t have time. I wish I did. That pasta kept me fed all of last year. But fuck last year. This is 2008. I was officially done with York U. I reached into my jean pocket and looked at the call display. Jinx. I flipped the phone open so quick it almost flew out of my hand.

“Nigga where you at?”

“I just exited off Keele. Give me five minutes.”

“Five minutes, eh? Saying the coupe flies now.”

“You already know.”

I walked into one of my old lecture halls from the previous year and slouched into a reclinable, lecture chair. The hall was empty. Perfect. I needed the privacy. I decided to quadruple check the stack. Reaching into two pockets, I pulled out what looked like a rainbow. Green, red, brown.

“Shit,” I said quietly to myself, double checking my surroundings before I quadruple checked the money. How I had stumbled upon this grind I was still having to figure out. I decided to assort the money by denomination, and within a minute I had the twenties with the twenties, fifties with the fifties and hundreds and the hundreds.

“Much better,” I thought as I began to count. I knew that this amount was soft compared to what some niggas were clocking in the streets but still.

“Buzz”. I heard my phone vibrate. It was a text from Jinx.

“COME OUTSIDE” it read, in caps. I proceeded to get up out my comfortable arrangement and walk down the stairs of the Accolade East building. I could see his deep tinted, blue Acura waiting outside the building.

Pheww. I was relieved. At least for the time being.




An excerpt from ASS: A Smart Story – Chapter 17: Nike Shoeboxes


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